My artisan journey began when I developed a reaction to my own wedding rings. My doctor told me I had to stop wearing earrings altogether and could never adorn my ears with any metals because of a metal allergy. I had a hard time embracing the fact that I could create beautiful earrings and not wear them. So I went in search of a new way.

As I learned about Titanium and Niobium my excitement grew with the realization of all the possibilities. I was elated that after eight years I could adorn my ears with beautiful jewelry with absolutely no allergic reaction!

There is a growing chorus of people expressing their sensitivity to certain metals. There is also growing research verifying these lived experiences. The medical journal Dermatologica Sinica states "Metals are common allergens that frequently induce contact dermatitis. The prevalence of allergies to individual metals has been reported in many studies. However, people normally have contact with metallic substances in the form of alloys, not pure metals. Such alloys are found in common objects."

They also state "Several factors are involved in the potential development of metal-induced allergy. When in close contact with skin for long enough, metals can react with sweat and other body fluids to form a concentration of ions sufficient to initiate an allergic reaction ... patients suspected of having a metal allergy may actually be sensitive to more than one element of a metallic alloy."

For more of this research: Dermatologica Sinica

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My Process

I begin handcrafting my hypoallergenic earrings for sensitive ears with the best quality pure grade 1 titanium and niobium wire from trusted sources I have partnered with for many years.

I cut and process the wire myself in my studio and hand-forge it into the hoops, hooks and posts I offer in each of my designs. My designs are inspired by my own story of sensitivities to metals and the desire for others to be able to wear earrings without itchy, sore and swollen earlobes. My style has an intrinsic vintage-modern flair which influences my designs.

I often marry my pure metals with semi-precious stone because the true beauty of both is so very complimentary. I love enabling people to have happy ear lobes as well as being a resource for custom design to allow them to wear beautiful pieces that honestly reflect their own personal style.